Warhammer 40k Roleplay:

General campaign rules and concepts:

1. Theme:
Heroic pirating in the 40k universe.
Out on the fringe worlds where imperial law is lax, there are bands of mercenaries and adventurers that
even a rogue trader wouldnt be caught dead with...

2. Rolls:
Roll 20d10, drop the 2 lowest, arrange remaining dice in pairs of 2, arrange as desired.

3. Starting XP:
As Rogue Trader : 5,000 XP to start.

4. Origin Path: Feel free to stray from the origin path requirements somewhat.
A: I reserve the right to reject it if it is clear you are simply min-maxing bonuses.
B: Make sure you can explain how it is possible within the context of the 40k universe.

5. Unnatural Toughness and Starting wounds: Whatever is written in the books is tossed for your wounds.
Instead you gain Tbx3 instead of Tbx2 for wounds. (And Tbx4 if you ever get unnaturalx3 T).
Orks would have 1d5+1+Tbx3 and Marines would have 1d5+Tbx3.
Bonuses to the base role are retained. (Such as the +2 from a death world origin would be 1d5+2+(Tbx2).

6. Death / New players, xp penalty for missing games:
In order to keep players at the same ballpark for xp, we shall institute a
1/2 xp rule for missed games and a 3/4 xp rule for making a character / death penalty.
This is based on FLAT totals (IE all xp given by the gm per session to each player).

7. Helmet rule (I really liked this one from deathwatch) :
If you play a game session where there is combat (actual threatening situation where armor will potentially help you.)
And you choose to go without head protection, you gain an additional 5% xp for that game.

8. Starting Gear:
(If your a marine neophyte, skip and see #9) You have been abandoned on this world for myriad and mysterious reasons after
A failed invasion by Orks of the undred-undred teef.
You have scavanged up some wargear, but are pretty much at the end of your supplies
You have:
Weapons: Any two weapons from your Career's starting items, with two modifications.
1) All weapons are of Common quality.
2) You may not select any of the following: Inferno Pistol, Power Weapons, Flamer (or any other flame weapon).
Armor: Any non-powered armor from your Career's starting items, limited to Common quality.
Ammunition: One full clip/load for one weapon. One empty clip (if applicable) for one weapon.
Other gear: All gear from your Career's starting items except for void suits and consumables (i.e. stimms, medikits, etc).
Consumables are considered to have been used in the lead up to the start of play.

9. Space marine neophyte starting gear:
A knife
A cricket bat wif nails in it.

10. Characteristic advances: May be bought 1 point at a time for 1/5th the cost.

11. Due to our focus on mini combat,
A: Marksman now reads: Can only be used on a single shot. Negates penalties for range to: 0 at Long and -10 at Extreme.
(does not completely remove the penalty for Extreme range)
B: Extreme range is now 150% of long range, not 200%

12. DH Psy powers: A: Powers with a threshold modifies the power by the magnitude off of 10 that the threshold is.
(can sometimes grant a bonus).
B: Overbleed is obtained by degrees of success on the focus power test,
with 1 degree of success equal to 5 points of overbleed. Overbleed can only obtain a maximum of
1 degree of success for each point of psy rating used to invoke the power.
C: Most powers that effect opponents convert to opposed willpower tests for the Focus power test.
D: Any metric that states "+ willpower bonus" is instead "+psy rating used" instead.
E: Powers used at the fettered level can never benefit from overbleed or additional degrees of success.

13. Movement:
Same scale as weapon ranges. But rounded up to the nearest inch.
Ag bonus to movement Chart:

AB Half Full Charge Run
0 1 1 1 2
1 1 1 2 3
2 1 2 3 5
3 2 3 4 8
4 2 4 5 10
5 2 4 6 12
6 3 5 8 16
7 3 6 9 18
8 4 7 10 20
9 4 8 11 22
10 4 8 12 24