Eldar and Dark Eldar options
Eldar and Dark Eldar are alternate races for the Rogue Trader level of 40K RPGs
In order to play one, you follow the following steps:
1. Generate Characteristics
2. Select Origin
3. Record Baseline Abilities
4. Select Career Path
5. Spend Experience Points
6. Eldar Advancements

1. Generate Characteristics
All Eldar generate characteristics as follows:
Weapon Skill25
Ballistic Skill25

2. Select Origin
Select a Single Origin from the list below, and apply the benefits and drawbacks listed to your character.
Craftworld Alaitoc: Gain Concealment as a trained skill.
Craftworld Biel-Tan: Gain Exotic Weapon Proficiency in a single Aspect Warrior weapon.
Craftworld Iyanden: Gain the Nerves of Steel talent.
Craftworld Siam-Hann: Grain Drive (Skimmer/Hover) as a trained skill.
Craftworld Ulthwe: Increase Weapon Skill or Ballistic Skill by +5.
Dark Eldar: +5 WS, +5 BS, -5 WP, -5 Fel. Gain the Lightning Reflexes talent.
Exodite: +5 T, -5 Fel. Gain Survival as a trained skill.

3. Record Baseline Abilities
All Eldar gain the following abilities automatically:
Skills: Awareness, Acrobatics, Forbidden Lore (Xenos)
Talents: Sprint
Traits: Unnatural Agility

In addition, Eldar other than Dark Eldar gain the Eldar Weapon Familiarity Trait.
Dark Eldar gain the Dark Eldar Weapon Familiarity Trait.
Eldar Weapon Familiarity: Eldar treat the Shuriken Pistol and Shuriken Catapult as
Solid Projectile (SP) weapons (Pistol and Basic, respectively) rather than Exotic.
Dark Eldar Weapon Familiarity: Dark Eldar treat the Splinter Pistol and Splinter Catapult as
Solid Projectile (SP) weapons (Pistol and Basic, respectively) rather than Exotic.
In both cases, the GM may rule that certain other common racial weapons also qualify under this
Weapon Familiarity rule.

Eldar and Dark Eldar characters begin play with 1d5+2 Corruption Points and 1d5+2 Insanity Points (separate rolls).

Unless playing an Eldar in an all-Eldar campaign (or a Dark Eldar in an all Dark Eldar campaign), reduce the group's
starting Profit Factor by 3.

Finally, it should be noted that Medicae tests to treat Eldar are automatically treated as one degree harder.

4. Select Career Path
Rather than a dedicated Career Path (like the Kroot Mercenary), Eldar may select from one of several options:
Career PathRogue Trader analogueRestrictions
Corsair/PirateRogue Trader-
WarlockAstropath TranscendentCraftworld Eldar only
Webway MasterVoid-Master-
Each of the paths is a modified version of the Rogue Trader Career Path. Modifications are as follows for all classes:

Eldar and Dark Eldar characters begin play with modified starting languages.
They all gain Speak Language (Eldar), which replaces Speak Language (High Gothic) as a starting skill.
If the character does not gain High Gothic, Eldar replaces Speak Language (Low Gothic).
In either case, the replaced skill can be purchased as an Advance at any time for 100xp.

Skill and Talent Replacements:
Lore and Prestige for the Eldar and Dark Eldar is very different than within the Imperium.
Because of this, several Skill and Talent Group options are changed for these characters.
These changes affect the Common Lore, Scholastic Lore, and Forbidden Lore skills, as well as the
Peer and Good Reputation Talents.
Replace the following references in all Skills and Talents (including upgrades and starting Skills/Talents):
Normal Skill/Talent optionEldar/Exodite VariantDark Eldar Variant
Adeptus Arbitesn/an/a
Adeptus Astra TelepathicaFarseersn/a
Adeptus Mechanicusn/an/a
Imperial GuardEldar GuardiansDark Eldar Kabals
Imperial NavyEldar CorsairsDark Eldar Raiders
Imperial Warrantsn/an/a
ImperiumEldarDark Eldar
Tactica ImperialisEldar TacticsDark Eldar Tactics
The InquisitionThe Black LibraryThe Black Library
Skills marked with n/a are simply removed from the Career Path.
Any Skills/Talents that are replaced or removed could optionally be learned as Elite Advances.

5. Spend Experience Points
The above Origin and Career Path combination is the rough equivalent of 4500 spent xp. You may spend
an additional 500xp to bring your total spent experience to 5000xp (Rank 1).

6. Eldar Advancements
Certain Advancements are available to Eldar and Dark Eldar characters regardless of their Career Path.
This list is intentionally short, as too many additional options would unbalance the race.
In addition, the costs are slightly higher than often found in order to preserve balance - if your
Career Path grants the ability later, feel free to buy it at the reduced price (no refunds, though!)
Additional Eldar options can be found in the Eldar-specific Alternate Career Ranks.
Ambidexterity200TalentAg 30
Catfall300TalentAg 30
Heightened Senses (Sight)200Talent-
Heightened Senses (Sound)200Talent-
Leap Up300TalentAg 30
Psy Rating +1900TalentPsy Rating 1+