Harlequin Elite Advance Package
Restrictions - a whole mess of 'em:
Required Race: Eldar (Craftworld, Dark, or Exodite)
Required Rank: Rank 4 or Higher (13,000xp)
Characteristics: You must have an Agility or 40 or higher and a Weapon Skill of 40 or higher
Skills: Training in Acrobatics, Awareness, Dodge, and Performer
Talents: Leap Up

Advance Cost: 500xp

Effects: Gain Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Harlequin's Kiss) as well as access to one of the weapons,
a flip belt, and a holo-suit. Gain the Weapon Familiarity trait for your sister race (if Eldar, the Dark Eldar
trait, and vice versa). Reduce your Corruption score by any amount (to a minimum of zero), but increase your
Insanity score by half that amount (round up).

Harlequin Advances
Acrobatics +10200Skill-
Acrobatics +20200Skill-
Awareness +10200Skill-
Awareness +20200Skill-
Dodge +10200Skill-
Dodge +20200Skill-
Decieve +10200Skill-
Decieve +20200Skill-
Forbidden Lore (The Black Library)200Skill-
Forbidden Lore (The Black Library) +10500Skill-
Forbidden Lore (The Black Library) +20500Skill-
Forbidden Lore (Daemonology)200Skill-
Forbidden Lore (Daemonology) +10500Skill-
Forbidden Lore (Daemonology) +20500Skill-
Forbidden Lore (Xenos) +10300Skill-
Forbidden Lore (Xenos) +20500Skill-
Performer +10200Skill-
Performer +20200Skill-
Blade Dancer500Talent-
Combat Master500Talent-
Dual Strike500Talent-
Exotic Weapon Training (Any Eldar) x2300Talent-
Hard Target500Talent-
Lightning Attack500TalentSwift Attack
Lightning Reflexes200Talent-
Preternatural Speed800TalentWS 40, Ag 50
Rapid Reaction500Talent-
Step Aside500Talent-
Swift Attack500TalentWS 35
Two-Weapon Wielder200Talent-
Wall of Steel500Talent-
Unnatural Agility (x3)1000TraitUnnatural Agility (x2), Rank 6