All starting abilities are assumed part of the 4500 "pre-spent" xp for a Rogue Trader-level Rank 1 character
- you do not need to spend these again
As per standard characters, you may spend 500 xp as you desire from the starting rank
(in this case, -2 / Neophyte) options to round out your character and your initial 5000 xp.
Starting (4.5k, For a RT campaign, you have all these abilities at start of play.)
Starting Neophyte (Rank 0):CostTypePrerequisites
Common Lore (Adeptus Astartes)400Skill-
Common Lore (Imperium)400Skill-
Speak (High Gothic)200Skill-
Speak (Low Gothic)200Skill-
Astartes Weapons Training1000Talent-
Heightened Sense Sight500Talent-
True Grit200Talent-
Unnatural Strength150Trait-
Unnatural Toughness150Trait-

2d10 + 25 for all characteristics to start.
Cost for gains = 100 xp for each characteristic gain.
Must increase each characteristic once - and ONLY once - to complete the Space Marine Neophyte.
Space Marine Neophytes may ignore the prerequisites for these purchasng talents from these templates
but do not gain the benefits until the prerequisites are met.
In addition, you can all the beneits for your choice of chapter at this stage.

Rank -2(Rank 1RT, Rank 6DH, 4500xp) : Neophyte
Neophyte (Rank 1):CostTypePrerequisites
Ciphers (Chapter Runes)200Skill
Scholastic Lore (Codex Astartes)400Skill
Drive (Ground)500Skill
Navigation (Surface)300Skill
Heightened Senses Hearing200Talent-
Bulging Biceps500TalentS 45
Quick Draw200Talent-
Nerves of Steel200Talent-

Rank -1(Rank 2RT, Rank 7-8DH, 7000xp) : Initiate
Initiate (Rank 2):CostTypePrerequisites
Silent Move300Skill
Tactics (any)400Skill
Killing Strike500Talent-
Sound Constitution(x3)200Talent-
Resistace (Psy Powers)300Talent-
Unarmed Warrior500TalentWS 35, Ag 35

Rank 0 10000 Scout
All XP at this rank must be spent to back-fill any skills/talents/traits and characteristics not taken
From 12000 to 13000 xp, you may spend xp as a Rank 1 Death Watch Space Marine
(as per a standard starting Space Marine character)
In addition, at 12000 xp, select a Death Watch specialization and gain the appropriate benefits.

Grey Knight variant
(based on DH16 - Daemon Hunter)
Use the advancement scheme above with the following modifications:
Replace the Rank -1 (Initiate) skills/talents as follows:
Tactics(any) -> Common Lore (War)
Killing Strike -> Daemon Hunter
Unarmed Warrior -> Psy Rating 1 & 2 (one purchase)

Grey Knight Chapter bonuses:
In lieu of the normal characteristic/talent/trait bonuses of other Chapters, Grey Knights gain the following abilities:
Skills: Forbidden Lore (Daemonology), Forbidden Lore (Inquisition), Invocation, Psyniscience
Talents: Brotherhood of Psykers, Hatred (Daemons), Warp Bane

Grey Knights must select a specialization from among the Grey Knight Specializations in Daemon Hunter,
or from the following Death Watch specializations: Apothecary, Librarian, or Techmarine. See pg. 121 in DH16.