Charles Bouchard
3 Planters Ave, Coram, NY 11727
Phone: 5167694471


Summary of Skills:

 A broad base of knowledge about computers, printers, and networking technology.
 Technical expertise in php, html, C++ and general coding guidelines.
 Specific experience in setting up networks from the physical layer (Routing, switches, laying cat5/6 cable) to the networking layer (TCP/IP, WINS, DHCP, NetBIOS) to the administrative layer (Configuration of NTFS, Active Directory, Share permissions and usergroups).
 Highly motivated and able to adjust work schedule to meet deadlines and goals.

Date of Employment :  5/1/2005-2010
Maryhaven Center of Hope
Port Jefferson, NY


Title: Information Technologies Coordinator
Responsible for the desktop support of 26 Windows XP computers for the use of teachers in an educational environment.
 Duties included end user support, computer repair and maintenance, network management inclusive of installing new equipment as needed.
 Advanced networking as needed inclusive of firewall setup, permissions and installing and repairing networked color laser printers.
 In charge of researching new technologies for use in an educational environment and advising the principal about cost to benefit ratio for these purchases.



Date of Employment : 5/1/1999-4/7/2010

Maryhaven, Center of Hope

Port Jefferson, NY


Campus Overnight Manager

Supervised 28 staff who in turn supervised 128 residents.

I developed work schedules, assigned work duties, approved vacations, wrote employee reviews, held bi-monthly meetings and filled out reportable incidents.

Advanced knowledge of the Microsoft Office family of products through constant use to produce paperwork, daily forms and spreadsheets of clinical data

Worked closely with the educational department at the time to assist in developing schedules for the safe transition of an individual from a residential setting to their classrooms.


Longwood High School
Certifications:  A+, Network+, MCP, MCDST
Transcripts can be accessed online here:

(Transcript ID: 902105 Access code: ilzarion)


Other related experience:
 Have set up and administrated Unix servers, managed Samba shares, set up and maintained a MySQL database.
 I have administrated and maintained a MUD (Multi-user-dungeon online game) coded in a programming language known as LPC (Line interpreted C code) for a span of 5 years.
 I am an avid PC gamer and have built and maintained numerous desktop systems over the years for friends and personal use. I always keep current on new

technology to enhance performance and always stay at the cutting edge of the spectrum.
 Coded and maintained my own website using basic HTML, PHP and Java.
 I have developed windows applications using Visual studio C++ for personal use.
 I continue to upgrade my knowledge of technology through online coursework and certifications.